China Southern Airlines (01055) “Fly As You Like” has officially returned! The server was squeezed to the point of collapse during the pre-sale phase

Zhitong Finance ·  03/24 16:00

The Zhitong Finance App learned that on March 24, the WeChat account of China Southern Airlines (01055,600029.SH) showed that China Southern Airlines (01055,600029.SH) officially went on sale a few days ago, while during the exclusive voucher pre-sale stage, the company's sales server crashed for a while. Currently, the “Chengdu Tianfu Edition” etc. are sold out. In terms of the secondary market, as of press release, China Southern Airlines (600029.SH) is currently down 2.09%, while China Southern Airlines shares (01055) are down 2.3%.

According to information, the selling point of “Fly with Me” this time is unlimited domestic flight, unlimited age, and package options. The series of products covers the national version (4-day model, 4+1 model, 4+2 models, 7-day unrestricted travel), exploration edition, regional edition (Chengdu Tianfu edition, Beijing Daxing edition, Northeast edition, Yunnan edition). There are differences between different products in terms of travel time and the maximum number of flight segments that can be exchanged at the same time. Prices range from 2,499 yuan to 4,888 yuan. The applicable flight dates are from April 3 to July 2, 2023, covering the Qingming, May Day and Dragon Boat Festival holidays.

According to the product rules, the Tianfu edition of “Travel China” launched by China Southern Airlines sells for only 2,588 yuan, and the group price is only 2,499 yuan. It is the lowest-priced of the four regional versions of the product, and you can travel seven days a week. Through the sale of Suixinfeng products, China Southern Airlines can target the number of passengers ahead of schedule during the new season at Tianfu Airport and stimulate the travel demand of low-frequency travelers. Currently, the Tianfu edition of “Explore China” has also been shown to be sold out.

“Fly With Me” was all the rage as an innovative product of civil aviation marketing during the pandemic. In 2020, the civil aviation industry was greatly impacted, and many airlines launched “Fly As You Like” ticket promotion products. China Eastern Airlines (600115.SH) pioneered “Xifeng” products in June 2020, and many airlines have since followed suit. Statistics show that in 2020, dozens of domestic airlines launched “Xifei” products, with total sales of 600,000 to 800,000 copies, with total sales exceeding 2 billion yuan.

According to an analysis by some industry insiders, civil aviation will enter the traditional off-season next, and China Southern Airlines' XF may also hope to use vacant seats in the off-season market to increase flight revenue. For airlines, XF will not have an immediate effect on profits, and its influence and effect may not be as good as before.

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