港股午评 | 科指涨超1%,百度涨近5%;互联网医疗股、电子零件股集体爆发,叮当健康涨超13%

Hong Kong Stock Afternoon Review | The Science Index rose more than 1%, and Baidu rose nearly 5%; Internet medical stocks and electronic parts stocks exploded collectively, and Jingdang Health rose more than 13%

Futu News ·  03/24 12:09

Futu News reported on March 24 that Hong Kong stocks had repeated early trading performance. As of the midday closing, the Hang Seng Index fell 0.21% to 20007.19 points; the State-owned Enterprises Index fell 0.11%, and the Hang Seng Technology Index rose 1.29%.

By the midday closing, Hong Kong stocks had risen 678, fell 911, and closed at 1401.

On the sector side, the majority of Science and Technology Network stocks have risen.Baidu rose nearly 5%, Weibo and NetEase rose more than 2%, Tencent and Jingdong rose more than 1%, and Meituan and Kuaishou rose slightly.

The industry is once again welcoming favorable policies, and Internet medical stocks are leading the way.Jingdong Health increased by more than 13%, Dr. Ping An by more than 7%, Ali Health by more than 5%, and Jingdong Health by more than 3%.

Electronic parts stocks are getting stronger,Gaowei Electronics rose more than 12%, Ruisheng Technology rose more than 9%, and Qiutai Technology and Shunyu Optical Technology followed suit.

Oil stocks generally declined.CNOOC Oilfield services fell by more than 4%, Sinopec and CNPC by about 2%, and CNOOC by more than 1%.

Auto stocks are weakening,Xiaopeng Motor fell more than 3%, Ideal Auto and NIO dropped about 1%, and Geely Automobile, Great Wall Motor, etc. fell slightly.

The telecom operating sector declined,China Telecom fell more than 2%, while China Unicom and China Mobile fell slightly.

On the other hand, heavy machinery stocks declined, and automobile stocks, bank stocks, coal stocks, and real estate stocks fell one after another.

In terms of individual stocks,$BIDU-SW(09888.HK)$With an increase of nearly 5%, Wen Xin said that GBI-Bot, the first product to land in the pharmaceutical industry, was officially released.

$COWELL(01415.HK)$It rose more than 12%. In 2022, the company achieved a 39.65% year-on-year increase in revenue, and Guimu's net profit increased 69.27% year-on-year.

$LENOVO GROUP(00992.HK)$It has risen by more than 10%, with a cumulative increase of more than 20% in two days. The company will cooperate with Nvidia to build a “superbrain” for car computing.

$KINGSOFT(03888.HK)$It rose more than 5%, and rose nearly 20% in two days. After the performance, target prices were raised by many institutions.

$ZHAOJIN MINING(01818.HK)$A further increase of more than 5%, a cumulative increase of nearly 50% during the month, and the price of gold led to an increase in the profit of gold stocks.

TVB parent company$TVB(00511.HK)$It fell more than 6%. Earlier, TVB announced that it would lay off about 350 employees and stop watching programs that did not meet expectations. There would be no new recruitment after layoffs in some positions to save HK$260 million in expenses.

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