国金证券:“文心一言”发布预计国内应用加速 关注接入“文心一言”生态的公司

Guojin Securities: “Wen Xin Yiyan” released, and domestic applications are expected to accelerate attention to companies that are connected to the “Wenxin One Word” ecosystem

Zhitong Finance ·  Mar 17, 2023 09:59

The Zhitong Finance App learned that Guojin Securities released a research report saying that Baidu held a press conference on the theme of “Wenxin One Word” on March 16. As the first generative language model officially released in China, “Wenxin One Word” is the first generative language model officially released in China, and has functions such as literary creation, commercial copywriting, mathematical logic estimation, Chinese comprehension, and multi-modal generation. Compared to overseas models such as ChatGPT, which have connection restrictions, the Baidu Wenxin platform can provide domestic users with a more convenient access to technology. The release of “One Word from Wen Xin” will accelerate the pace of implementation and application of generative AI models in China, and is expected to help ecological partners improve user experience and reduce production costs and increase efficiency. Focus on companies that are connected to the “Wenxin One Word” ecosystem.

Relevant targets:Hang Seng Electronics (600570.SH), User Network (600588.SH), Handicap Information (300170.SZ), Ling Zhi Software (), Yuxin Technology (300674.SZ), etc. 688588.SH

The main views of Guojin Securities are as follows:

AI big model and industry big model:The Wenxin platform provides multiple basic models in the four mainstream AI research fields of NLP, CV, cross-modality, and biocomputing. Multiple models have achieved breakthroughs and innovations at the technical level and are at the leading level in the world. Among them, ERNIE 3.0 Zeus in the NLP field uses autoregressive networks and self-coding networks, which can balance natural language understanding and generation functions; VIMER-UFO 2.0 in the CV field uses a hypernetwork structure and only needs to activate 1/30 of the total number of parameters during inference; Ernie-vilg 2.0 introduces knowledge enhancement algorithms based on language and images, and its performance in text image generation tasks has surpassed DALLE-2 under OpenAI. The Wenxin platform has teamed up with enterprises in various industries to create a large-scale industry model, which has now covered eight fields, including energy, finance, aerospace, manufacturing, media, cities, social science, and film. At present, more than 650 well-known companies have announced their entry into “Wenxin One Word”, covering more than 10 industries, including enterprise services, financial IT, automobiles, media, education, home appliances, and finance.

One-stop development platform and development tools:In terms of development platforms, Wenxin provides easyDL, a zero-threshold platform for AI application developers with limited expertise, and BML, a full-function platform for professional developers. Currently, both platforms only support the use of Baidu Wenxin's cloud computing power, and can use deployment methods such as public clouds, privatized offline, and integrated software and hardware. In terms of development tools, Wenxin provides the ErnieKit natural language processing development tool and the PaddleFleetX full-process development kit. In addition, at this stage, the Wenxin platform is also providing developers with a free big model API.

Product and community:By building products and community management, Baidu Wenxin shows the powerful performance of generative models to the outside world, thereby attracting fans to invest in creation, and in turn builds a mature AIGC community, which can explore AI commercialization models in practice. Currently, in addition to “Wenxin One Word”, the Wenxin platform provides the industrial-grade search system “Wenxin Baizhong”, the art creative support platform “Wenxin Yige”, and the Yanggu community using a creative model.

Currently, Baidu Wenxin's generative language model is at the leading level among domestic peers in terms of parameter scale, technological innovation, and application implementation. Starting March 16, the first batch of “Wenxin One Word” users can access the experience by inviting test codes. At the same time, Baidu Smart Cloud will open up the “Wenxin One Word” API call interface to enterprise customers, which is expected to further enrich Baidu's AI ecosystem and empower more industry partners.

Risk warning:The use of basic software and hardware overseas is limited; application implementation falls short of expectations; industry competition increases risks.

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