凯美特气:拟定增募资不超10亿元 用于过氧化氢等项目

Kaimei Special Gas: Plans to raise no more than 1 billion yuan in additional capital for hydrogen peroxide and other projects

Gelonghui Finance ·  Mar 9, 2023 21:37
Glonghui, March 9 丨 Kaimei Special Gas announced that the company plans to issue shares to specific targets to raise no more than 1 billion yuan for the Yizhang Kaimete Special Gas Project and Fujian Kaimet Gas Co., Ltd.'s 300,000 tons/year (27.5%) high-clean food grade, electronic grade and industrial grade hydrogen peroxide project. The company actively lays out the hydrogen peroxide field, which will bring new profit growth points.

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