Huadong Pharmaceutical (000963.SZ): Will actively promote the introduction of more high-end innovative medical and aesthetic products from abroad into the Hainan Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone

Gelonghui Finance ·  03/03 21:25

Gelonghui March 3rd 丨Huadong Pharmaceutical (000963.SZ) was recently surveyed by the agency. “If consumers go to Hong Kong to get injections for young girls, how is this income calculated?” According to the time, the company EllanséThe sale and promotion of products in Hong Kong is represented by a third party dealer, so the official EllanséThe product's revenue in the Hong Kong region goes to Sinclair, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company in the UK.

Also, as for “what products will the company Medical and Aesthetic be listed domestically in the next 2-3 years?” Shi said that this year, the company introduced the Irish EMA's facial skin care device Préime Dermafacial, which is expected to be listed in China, and Reaction of Viora, a wholly-owned medical and aesthetic subsidiary, will also re-enter the Chinese market. The company has set up a dedicated sales promotion team and formulated an overall market positioning and marketing plan for each product.

In addition, the company is actively promoting the domestic registration of Cooltech Define, V series products (V20, V30), Primelase and other medical and aesthetic energy source products for body shaping and hair removal. They will be launched one after another by the end of 2024. Injectable products such as Maili, Yiyanshi M, and Lanluma are undergoing domestic clinical trials and are expected to be marketed in 2025. Among them, Lanluma has already been approved to land in Lecheng, Hainan. The company will also actively promote the introduction of more high-end innovative medical and aesthetic products from abroad into Boao Le, Hainan The city's international medical tourism pilot zone allows Chinese consumers to simultaneously experience the world's latest products without going abroad.

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