Huadong Pharmaceutical (000963.SZ): Sinclair is also expected to achieve good growth this year

Gelonghui Finance ·  02/20 15:40

Gelonghui February 20 丨Huadong Pharmaceutical (000963.SZ) was surveyed on-site by institutions at 14:30-16:00 on February 15, 2023; 11:00-11:40 and 14:00-15:00 on February 16, said that Sinclair's current medical and aesthetic revenue mainly comes from Ellansé®, New high-end hyaluronic acid from the MailI series, Lanluma®Core injectable products such as collagen stimulants, and energy source equipment products such as CoolTech Define from its subsidiary HighTech and Viora's V series are also in a period of rapid growth. Sinclair overcame the impact of rising operating costs and labor costs caused by overseas inflation last year. Overall operations continued to improve, and profit conditions gradually improved. It is expected to achieve good growth this year as well.

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