Qiming Venture Capital Investment Company Quantum Song is listed on NASDAQ

PR Newswire ·  Jan 31, 2023 16:42

(Financial report, January 31, 2023) On January 25, Beijing time, Qiming Venture Capital Investment Company and China's leading online learning service provider for adult personal interests successfully landed on the NASDAQ. Quantum Song (NASDAQ: QSG) was issued at $12.5/ADS, closed at $12.52 per ADS, and had a market capitalization of $690 million. As an early investor, Qiming Venture Capital took the lead in Quantum Song Series C financing in 2018 and continued to invest in Series D and E financing. The successful listing of Quantum Song is also the first IPO that Qiming Venture Capital has held since opening in 2023.

As a provider of online learning services targeting the personal interests of adults, Quantum Song uses new technologies such as artificial intelligence and mobile internet to provide users with different needs with course content of different depths in different fields, including financial literacy courses, personal interest courses, talent management services for enterprises, marketing services, etc. It includes various knowledge sharing service platforms such as Qiniu Academy, Lecture Center, and Thousand Foot Academy. As of November 30, 2022, the total number of registered users of Quantum Song is about 75.1 million.

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