概念追踪 | 供不应求!血氧仪成又一缺货防疫品 相关公司表示已开足马力生产(附概念股)

Concept Tracker | Supply is outstripping demand! Oximeters have become yet another company related to epidemic prevention products that are out of stock and that they have begun to produce them at full capacity (concept stock included)

Zhitong Finance ·  12/21/2022 09:06

Zhitong Financial APP learned that recently, following N95 mask, ibuprofen, antigen detection reagent, a novel coronavirus protective equipment finger clip oximeter is also in hot sales. According to reports, on Taobao, and other platforms, finger clip oximeters are currently in short supply in the official flagship stores of big brands such as 002223.SZ, 300869.SZ and OMRON, and many models are out of stock and have entered the pre-sale mode. In this regard, many medical device listed companies have said that they have been producing at full capacity to ensure the supply of oximeter products.Related concept stocks: Kangtai Medical (300869.SZ), Kefu Medical (301087.SZ), Yuyue Medical (002223.SZ), Lepu Medical (300003.SZ).

With the continuous optimization and adjustment of domestic epidemic prevention and control policies, the liberalization of home self-examination has become a trend. On December 9, the Comprehensive team of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council issued the work plan for COVID-19 's key population health services, which mentioned strengthening the equipment and upgrading of grass-roots medical and health institutions. We will speed up the construction of fever clinics (outpatients) in township health centers and community health service centers, and strive to increase the coverage rate to about 90% by the end of March 2023. Improve the equipment configuration, including oxygen therapy equipment, portable pulmonary function instruments, finger clip pulse oximeter, wearable health monitoring equipment and so on.

In the "work Plan for strengthening COVID-19 epidemic Prevention and Control and Health Services in Rural areas" issued by the Comprehensive team of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council, it is suggested that a batch of intelligent pulse oximeters that can upload data at any time should be installed among key groups such as people over 65 years old and pregnant women with underlying diseases. In addition, the official account of the clove doctor also pointed out that when there is a lack of oxygen in the blood, the lack of oxygen supply will even lead to irreversible damage. It is suggested that people at home who are physically weak and often have chest tightness and discomfort can also consider being equipped with oxygen meters.

It is reported that at present, the oximeter on the market can generally be used to monitor pulse, blood oxygen saturation, blood perfusion index and so on, but it is mainly used to see blood oxygen saturation. The ninth edition of COVID-19 's diagnosis and treatment plan points out that a blood oxygen saturation below 93% is one of the references for severe patients. For COVID-19 's key population, the blood oxygen saturation below 93% needs timely medical treatment.

According to the data of the State Drug Administration, there are 24 enterprises in China that have approved the products of finger-clip pulse oximeter. On Taobao, and other platforms, the main brands of oximeters include Kangtai, Yuyue, Berry, OMRON, Jiu'an, etc., with prices ranging from dozens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, and many brands have sold out and entered the pre-sale mode. if it is short, it will be 3 days after payment, and if it is long, it will be delivered after New Year's Day next year. According to the data provided by JD Health on December 13, the turnover of the oximeter on the platform increased by 272% month-on-month over the previous week, and on December 12, the turnover of the oximeter increased more than 41 times compared with the same period last year.

Kangtai Medical, a listed company, is one of the major manufacturers of oximeter. The person in charge said that in the past few years, the company's oximeter products were mainly sold abroad, because oximeter is as popular as sphygmomanometer and blood glucose meter in foreign families. Recently, however, the domestic market demand for oximeter products has soared. In view of the situation that the inventory of the company's oximeter products is too fast, some models have been adjusted to temporary pre-sale mode, and the company is working overtime to ensure timely delivery of orders.

AVIC Securities previously pointed out that it pays attention to the supply and demand interpretation of COVID-19 's home treatment industry chain. Shenyin Wanguo Securities also said that it is concerned about the high prosperity of the epidemic prevention plate! Optimistic about the "hospital construction" and "home protection" double investment securities main line.

Related concept stocks:

Kangtai Medical (300869.SZ): Kangtai Medical is one of the world's largest suppliers of pulse oximeters, producing more than 25 million / sets of pulse oximeters to global customers in the past two years. According to the professional evaluation of related analysis and research, the company's oximeter score is 84.7, ranking second in China.

301087.SZ: the company's health monitoring products include thermometers, oximeters, new crown antigen test kits and other products, which can be used for daily health monitoring needs; the company's new models of oxygen meters can be used for family self-test.

Yuyue Medical (002223.SZ): the company's main business is the R & D, production and sales of medical devices and their core components, and continues to provide respiratory oxygen production, blood oxygen, body temperature detection and other products for the anti-epidemic front line, including in and out of the hospital.

Lepu Medical (300003.SZ): the company is mainly engaged in the technical development and production of medical devices and their accessories, and its COVID-19 testing medical devices include nucleic acid extraction reagents, oxygen meters and so on.

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