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Read one picture | Get a head start! At a time when Hong Kong stocks are soaring across the board, these companies are making large-scale repurchases

Futu News ·  Dec 5, 2022 17:42

In November, the Hong Kong stock market was hot, and the buybacks of Hong Kong stock companies were also in full swing.

Since November (as of December 2), nearly 90 Hong Kong companies have bought back their own shares, according to Fortune Information.

In terms of the number of buybacks, it should be$SINOPEC CORP (00386.HK)$$GREATWALL MOTOR (02333.HK)$$CONCORD NE (00182.HK)$$TOWN HEALTH (03886.HK)$The largest number of buybacks were 570 million, 140 million, 200 million and 110 million shares, respectively.

Judging from the repurchase amount$TENCENT (00700.HK)$Firmly ranked first, with the repurchase amount as high as 3.45 billion$AIA (01299.HK)$Immediately after that, the repurchase amount was 3.4 billion; the repurchase amount of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation and Great Wall Motor also reached 1.93 billion and 1.4 billion respectively.

Of the 20 TOP companies with a market capitalization of no less than HK $10 billion and repurchased from November 1 to December 2,Most of them recorded double-digit increases during the buyback period. Among them$POP MART (09992.HK)$An increase of 72.24%$Greentown Service Group (02869.HK)$、 Tencent 、$YONGDA AUTO (03669.HK)$It rose 61.49%, 43.97% and 42.61% respectively, while AIA Group Limited rose 33.8%.


Guoxin Securities also pointed out that after the data on the number of Hong Kong shares participating in share repurchase companies (a total of 87) were released in November, the bank could basically confirm that the number of share repurchase companies in September / October (128 / 120) was the peak of the current round of Hong Kong stocks.

According to the bank's research,Since 2005, the high point of the number of repurchase companies in the Hong Kong stock market tends to accurately correspond to the low point of the market, and the repurchase data is generally 0-1 month ahead of the stock market, which means that the bank is more sure that the end of October is the lowest point of this round of Hong Kong stocks.

For investors who fail to meet the bottom at the end of October, Guoxin Securities believes that Hong Kong stocks may have a suboptimal allocation window in December / January. Guoxin Securities advises such investors:

1) hold high dividend stocks such as operators, banks and real estate at the current time with the attitude of avoiding missed, so as to enjoy certain potential benefits while defending against the tail risk of the market.

2) at the same time, focus on the growth stocks that have achieved steady-state profits, and prepare to lay out the buying window in December / January.

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