Pharmaceutical commercial stocks pull up collectively, and Jiashitang closes the limit.

Gelonghui Finance ·  12/01/2022 13:36
On December 1, Gelonghui set off a wave of drug purchases after the optimization of prevention and control measures in many places. Pharmaceutical commercial stocks in the A-share market collectively rose, Jiashitang closed the board in a straight line, gargle civilians, drug Tesco, Dashenlin, Kyushu Tong, and so on. The epidemic prevention and control policy has been optimized in many places throughout the country, and it has been reported that after the epidemic control measures were adjusted in many districts of Guangzhou on November 30, there was a marked increase in the number of customers consulting and purchasing antiviral traditional Chinese medicine. Recently, the sales of this kind of drugs have increased significantly. Xiangxue Pharmaceutical revealed that the company received new orders for 1 million boxes of "Xiangxue antiviral" oral liquid from BABA Pharmacy and Dashenlin yesterday. The terminal sales of the drug have increased by about 3-4 times more than usual, and the company's inventory has been emptied.

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