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The pharmaceutical sector rushed in early trading, what happened? Pay attention to these opportunities in the future

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Hong Kong stocks were in early trading today, and the pharmaceutical sector$Biotechnology (BK1050.HK) $Be strong. By the close of noon$Keji Pharmaceutical-B (02171.HK) $$Yao Ming Gu Nuo-B (02126.HK) $Increase by more than 10%$BeiGene, Ltd. (06160.HK) $Increase by more than 9%$Conoya-B (02162.HK) $Increase by more than 8%$Cornerstone Pharmaceutical-B (02616.HK) $$Kangfang Bio-B (09926.HK) $Up more than 7%.


Source: Futuo Niuniu


Some institutions said that at present, the valuation of the pharmaceutical industry is low, there is much room for improvement, and the value of plate allocation is prominent.


Companies in the superposition industry are positive, yesterday (August 4)$BeiGene, Ltd. (BGNE.US) $Publish performance dataAmong them, the volume of product sales is accelerated, and the commercial performance is remarkable.In the first two quarters of 2022, BeiGene, Ltd. 's product revenue reached 566.1 million US dollars, an increase of 131.3 percent over the same period last year. In the second quarter, product revenue reached $304.5 million, up 120% from the same period a year earlier.BeiGene, Ltd. 's US stock closed up more than 12% overnight, and BeiGene, Ltd. Port A rose more than 10% at one point in the morning.


$Rongchang Bio-B (09995.HK) $Go higher in early trading., up by 8%. The company announced that Tetasep combined with plasmapheresis can reduce the positive research results of optic nerve crest myelitis pedigree disease to some extent.Everbright Securities latest comment said that the company is about to usher in the commercialization of the volume phase, to maintain the "buy."


Before that,$Wuxi Apptec (02359.HK) $The performance is also very bright.According to the BoCom International Development and Research report, Wuxi Apptec's income in the first half of 2022 was 17.76 billion yuan (the same as below), an increase of 68.5% over the same period last year, and the adjusted net profit was 4.3 billion yuan, an increase of 75.7% over the same period last year, the highest growth rate in the past five years.The high growth rate is mainly due to the revenue recognition of COVID-19 's order (about 4.18 billion yuan).


On July 25th, the domestic COVID-19 small molecule drug azivudine was approved with conditions. The drug developer Real Biology has reached an agreement with Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical on commercial cooperation, with a transaction consideration of 800m yuan, while Real Bio can earn 45-50% of the gross profit in China.


BoCom International believes that as the vaccination rate increases, the rate of new coronary heart disease and mortality decreases, and the sales of small molecular drugs may not bring surprises.The approval of the first domestic COVID-19 small molecule drug can provide additional protection in addition to the vaccine and new crown neutralizing antibody, and plays a positive role in domestic consumption and cross-regional personnel flow.


What does the pharmaceutical industry think at the beginning of August?


The latest research report of Societe Generale Securities said that due to the repeated epidemic and fee control and price reduction policies, the pharmaceutical sector continued to adjust, but at present the disturbance to the plate by these two factors has been limited.


In terms of investment strategy, Societe Generale still recommends paying attention to the upstream track of consumer health care and life sciences, and the bottom of the proposal to focus on the creation of new drugs.


In innovative drugsSociete Generale believes that we can pay attention to enterprises that have moved from biotechnology research and development to biopharmaceuticals and achieved certain results, such as$Hengrui Pharmaceutical (600276.SH) $$INNOVENT BIO (01801.HK) $$Junshi creature (01877.HK) $$Kangfang Bio-B (09926.HK) $$Zai Lab Limited-B (09688.HK) $$Borey Pharmaceutical (688166.SH) $At the same time, we also pay attention to the excellent biotechnology companies with beautiful performance in research and development and the possibility of internationalization of their products in the future, such as$I-MAB (IMAB.US) $$Nuocheng Jianhua-B (09969.HK) $Corning Jerry Pharmaceuticals-B (09966.HK) $$Yasheng Pharmaceutical-B (06855.HK) $等。


Medical devices:On the other hand, Hong Kong stocks pay attention to the innovative medical device companies with certain advantages and biotechnology attributes.


Vaccine:In the future, the vaccine industry needs to focus on high-quality companies that can grasp the new technology and direction of the vaccine.$Wantai Bio (603392.SH) $$Zhifei (300122.SZ) $$Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (02196.HK) $$Kangtai Biological (300601.SZ) $$CANSINOBIO (06185.HK) $等。

部分偏绝对收益的低估资产:这部分企业虽然「主题性」不强,但经营稳健,所在领域具有相当看点,且本身估值较为合理,适合投资人作为绝对收益标的长期布局, 如$石药集团(01093.HK)$$中国生物制药(01177.HK)$$丽珠医药(01513.HK)$$恩华药业(002262.SZ)$$博瑞医药(688166.SH)$等。

Undervalued assets with partial absolute returns:Although this part of the enterprise is not "thematic", it has a sound operation, has quite interesting points in its field, and its own valuation is relatively reasonable, so it is suitable for the long-term layout of investors as the target of absolute income, such as$CSPC Pharmaceutical (01093.HK) $$Sino Biopharmaceutical (01177.HK) $$Lizhu Medicine (01513.HK) $$Enhua Pharmaceutical (002262.SZ) $$Borey Pharmaceutical (688166.SH) $等。


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