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Strategy Analytics:中国6.18网购节期间 苹果(AAPL.US)占据了智能手机销量的一半
Strategy Analytics: Apple Inc (AAPL.US) accounted for half of smartphone sales during the China online Shopping Festival.

Zhitong Finance ·  {{timeTz}}

智通财经APP获悉,Strategy Analytics的最新研究指出,在今年中国6.18网购节期间,智能手机销量为1400万部,同比下降25%。苹果(AAPL.US)巩固了其领导地位,苹果的表现优于市场,售出了近700万部iPhone,同比小幅下降4%。小米(01810)和荣耀分列二三名。Strategy Analytics高级总监隋倩表示:“新冠疫情相关的破坏和经济逆风导致了喜忧参半的表现。今年,由于价格较高的iPhone销量增加,智能手机线上销售价格上涨至4,300多人民币(合660多美元),同比上涨13%。然而,智能手机线上销售收入仍同比下降16%至626亿元(95亿美元)。”

According to Strategy Analytics's latest research, smartphone sales during this year's China online shopping festival were 14 million, down 25 per cent from a year earlier, Zhitong Financial APP learned. Apple Inc (AAPL.US) consolidated its leadership position, with Apple Inc outperforming the market, selling nearly 7 million iPhone units, down 4 per cent year-on-year. XIAOMI (01810) and Glory ranked second and third respectively. Sui Qian, senior director of Strategy Analytics, said: "COVID-19 's epidemic-related damage and economic headwinds have led to a mixed performance. This year, the online price of smartphones rose to more than 4300 yuan ($660), up 13 per cent from a year earlier, due to an increase in higher-priced iPhone sales. However, smartphone online sales still fell 16% year-on-year to 62.6 billion yuan ($9.5 billion). "


Chart 1: sales of online smartphones in China (millions) and annual growth rate: 2020-2022

Strategy Analytics分析师彭鹏补充说:“苹果在今年6.18网购节的出色表现巩固了其领先地位。苹果的表现优于市场,售出了近700万部iPhone,同比小幅下降4%。我们估计苹果创造了415亿人民币(63亿美元)的收入,其完整零售价格为6300+人民币(950+美元)。苹果在所有主要平台(京东(09618)、天猫和拼多多(PDD.US)等)的收入份额排名第一。”

Peng Peng, an analyst at Strategy Analytics, added: "Apple Inc's excellent performance at this year's June 18 online shopping festival has consolidated his leading position. Apple Inc outperformed the market, selling nearly 7 million iPhone units, down 4 per cent year-on-year. We estimate that Apple Inc generated 41.5 billion yuan ($6.3 billion) in revenue, with a full retail price of 6300 + yuan ($950 +). Apple Inc ranks first in revenue share on all major platforms ( (09618), Tmall and Pinduoduo (PDD.US), etc.). "


Chart 2: sales revenue and sales share of online smartphones by manufacturers during the June 18 online shopping festival in 2022

Strategy Analytics高级分析师吴怡雯补充道:“小米和荣耀排名前三,其次是vivo(IQOO)和OPPO。我们估计小米占据了30%的销量份额,略低于一年前的32%。荣耀从2021年的6%增长到了10%。vivo (IQOO)和OPPO分别以6%和4%的份额排名前五。小米主导了入门级和中端市场,红米Note 11和11 Pro今年在京东和天猫上销量很好。”

Wu Yiwen, a senior analyst at Strategy Analytics, added: "XIAOMI and Glory ranked in the top three, followed by vivo (IQOO) and OPPO. We estimate that XIAOMI accounts for 30 per cent of sales, down slightly from 32 per cent a year ago. Glory has grown from 6% in 2021 to 10%. Vivo (IQOO) and OPPO are in the top five with 6 per cent and 4 per cent, respectively. XIAOMI dominates the entry-level and mid-market, and red rice Note 11 and 11 Pro sell well on and Tmall this year. "

Strategy Analytics高级总监隋倩补充道:“京东仍然是主要平台。我们估计,在今年的6.18网购节期间,约有49%的智能手机是通过京东售出的,其次是天猫和淘宝(合计占30%的销量份额)。然而,传统电商(京东、天猫、淘宝和拼多多)的领导地位和主导地位已经被不断崛起的直播平台削弱,比如抖音和快手已经在迅速追赶。在6.18期间,我们预估抖音和快手今年贡献了8%和6%的智能手机线上销量份额,高于去年的3%和2%。我们建议所有利益相关者追踪智能手机在线渠道,密切监测和评估中国在线市场的发展。”

Sui Qian, senior director of Strategy Analytics, added: " is still the main platform. We estimate that during this year's 6.18 online shopping festival, about 49 per cent of smartphones were sold through, followed by Tmall and Taobao (which together accounted for 30 per cent of sales). However, the leadership and dominance of traditional, Tmall, Taobao and Pinduoduo-has been undermined by rising live-streaming platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou Technology, which have been rapidly catching up. During the June 18 period, we estimate that Douyin and Kuaishou Technology will contribute 8 per cent and 6 per cent of smartphone online sales this year, up from 3 per cent and 2 per cent last year. We recommend that all stakeholders track smartphone online channels and closely monitor and evaluate the development of China's online market. "

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