一周新股 | 读书郎三闯港交所,云康集团成今年IPO赛道黑马

Weekly IPO | Reading Shulang broke into the Hong Kong Stock Exchange three times, and Yunkang Group became a dark horse on this year's IPO circuit

富途資訊 ·  05/21/2022 23:21


The Hang Seng Index rose 4.11% this week to close at 20717.24.

The Hong Kong stock IPO market is in the doldrums this week, with a total of two new shares and one new share listed, including Shu Lang, a Chinese education and technology company that integrates online education, scientific and technological innovation and intelligent hardware research and development, as well as Limeng Technology, which is a leader in serving China's cross-border e-commerce industry.


This week, a total of 2 new shares delivery table.

ShulangFounded in 1999, as a Chinese intelligent learning equipment service provider, it mainly designs, develops, manufactures and sells all kinds of intelligent learning equipment embedded in comprehensive digital teaching assistance resources for Chinese primary and secondary school students, their parents and school teachers.

According to the Frost Sullivan report, Shu Lang ranks second among China's intelligent learning equipment service providers in terms of total retail market capitalization in 2021, and in terms of total equipment shipments. Shu Lang ranks fifth among China's intelligent learning device service providers.

Limeng Science and TechnologyIt is a famous cross-border digital marketing service provider in China, and is in a leading position in serving the cross-border e-commerce industry. Over the years, we have been committed to empowering Chinese marketers to acquire users in order to better promote and connect with customers around the world, while working with high-quality media publishers to help them seek cash opportunities.

According to the Frost Sullivan report, Limeng Technology ranks third among China's digital marketing service providers in the cross-border e-commerce industry in terms of the total bill in 2020, and it is also the fifth largest cross-border digital marketing service provider in China.


Only one new stock went public this week.

Chinese medical operation service provider$Yunkang Group (02325.HK) $It officially landed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on May 18, with 500 shares per lot. As of May 20, Yunkang Group closed at HK $9.24, up 17.11% during the week.

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