The Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a document to protect entity financing! Emphasize private enterprises, infrastructure, consumption, import and export

银保监会 ·  Aug 18, 2018 20:40

This article comes from the official website of the Bancassurance Regulatory Commission, and the original article is entitled "Circular of the General Office of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission on further doing a good job in credit work to improve the quality and efficiency of serving the real economy."

All banking regulatory bureaus, insurance regulatory bureaus, policy banks, large banks, joint-stock banks, Postal Savings Bank of China, financial asset management companies, insurance group (holding) companies, insurance asset management companies, insurance professional intermediary agencies:

In order to thoroughly implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and better combine the prevention and resolution of financial risks with serving the real economy, while resolutely fighting the battle of preventing and defusing financial risks, we must strive to dredge the monetary and credit transmission mechanism. we will improve the quality and efficiency of the real economy in financial services, promote stable employment, finance, foreign trade, foreign investment, investment and expectations, and realize a virtuous circle of finance and the real economy. The request is hereby notified as follows:

First, further dredge the monetary policy transmission mechanism to meet the effective financing needs of the real economy. According to the production, construction and sales cycle and industry characteristics of the enterprise, the loan term and repayment mode should be reasonably determined, the proportion of medium-and long-term loans should be appropriately increased, and the assessment index should be determined reasonably.Avoid the loan at the same time, especially at the end of the month, the end of the quarter due to cause a shortage of funds. Enterprises that meet the conditions for credit but encounter temporary operational difficulties should continue to provide financial support and should not draw loans or cut off loans blindly.For growing advanced manufacturing enterprises, it is necessary to enrich the types of qualified collateral, innovate guarantee and financing methods, reasonably determine the mortgage rate, and give appropriate preference in terms of capital supply and loan interest rates.

Second, vigorously develop inclusive finance and strengthen financial services in areas such as small and micro enterprises, agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and private enterprises. Make full use of the current favorable conditions such as abundant market liquidity and stable profits in the banking and insurance industries, adhere to the principle of "capital preservation and small profits", increase financial support for small and micro enterprises, "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", poverty alleviation and private enterprises, and reduce financing costs. For small and micro enterprises that still have financing needs after the maturity of working capital loans, they should carry out loan investigation and evaluation in advance. If they meet the standards and conditions, they should renew the loans in accordance with the procedures, shorten the interval between funds and reduce the turnover cost of loans.. For the leading private enterprises with outstanding main business, good corporate governance, low debt ratio and strong risk control ability, it is necessary to further increase financing support, give full play to their industry-leading role, and stabilize the production and operation of upstream and downstream enterprises.We will encourage trust companies to carry out charitable trust business and increase support for poverty alleviation, education, left-behind children and other areas.

Third, support the infrastructure sector to make up for its shortcomings and promote the steady growth of effective investment. On the premise of not increasing the hidden debt of local governments, we will increase credit for infrastructure projects with adequate capital and standardized operation. Insurance funds should give full play to their long-term investment advantages and actively serve the country's major strategies, key projects and important projects through various forms, such as creditor's rights, equity, combination of stock and debt, funds, and so on. Actively cooperate with the local government to investigate and analyze the construction situation and financing needs of infrastructure projects under construction, meet the reasonable financing needs of financing platform companies in accordance with the principle of marketization, and avoid fund outage and unfinished projects for necessary projects under construction.

Fourth, actively develop consumer finance and enhance the pulling effect of consumption on the economy. Adapt to diversified and multi-level consumer demand, provide and improve differentiated financial products and services.We will support the development of consumer credit to meet the growing needs of the people for a better life.We will innovate financial services and actively meet the financial needs of upgraded consumption such as tourism, education, culture, health and old-age care.

Fifth, do a good job in financial services for import and export enterprises and give full play to the positive role of finance in stabilizing foreign trade. Work with local governments and industry associations to investigate and find out the situation of export-oriented enterprisesKey high-quality enterprises that are greatly affected by the international market and encounter temporary difficulties but still have prospects for development should be given appropriate preference in terms of capital arrangements.We will strengthen cooperation with foreign trade enterprises, credit insurance institutions, financing guarantee institutions and local governments, and expand export credit insurance policies and export tax rebate account pledge financing. To co-ordinate financial resources at home and abroad and make joint efforts to meet the cross-market financial services needs of import and export enterprises.

Sixth, invigorate the existing assets and improve the efficiency of the use of funds. We will speed up the clearance of "zombie enterprises", release the stock funds that have been transferred and deposited in restricted areas and inefficient projects, and free up credit space for investment in supporting areas and projects. We will actively use asset securitization and credit asset transfer to invigorate existing assets and improve the efficiency of capital allocation and use. Make full use of the favorable conditions of adequate provisions, on the basis of strict asset classification, comprehensively use write-off, cash collection, batch transfer and other methods to strengthen the disposal of non-performing loans, and strictly prohibit concealment of non-performing loans, strictly investigate non-performing assets false statement, false transfer and other violations. Commercial banks, financial asset investment companies, financial asset management companies, trust companies and insurance institutions are encouraged to actively participate in the market-oriented legal debt-to-equity swap and promote the landing of contracted projects as soon as possible.

Seventh, make effective use of insurance funds and give full play to the functions of risk management and protection. We will deepen the reform of the use of insurance funds in investment scope, proportion and solvency, further shorten the investment chain, reduce investment costs, and improve investment efficiency. We will give full play to the risk management and protection functions of the insurance industry, constantly enrich property insurance, life insurance and other products and business models, improve insurance services, and stabilize the financial expectations of enterprises and residents.

Standardize business behavior and strictly prohibit the addition of unreasonable loan conditions. Standardize loan behavior and conduct pre-loan investigation, loan review and post-loan inspection in strict accordance with standards and procedures. All shall not negotiate or forcibly set terms for loan redeposit, and shall not bind or tie up financial management, funds, insurance and other financial products when issuing loans. It is strictly forbidden to outsource core functions such as loan issuance and management, and it is strictly forbidden for bank employees to collude inside and outside, illegally issue loans through intermediaries or participate in bridge loans.

Deepen the reform of the system and mechanism and strengthen the building of the capacity to serve the real economy. Vigorously carry out investigation and research, adhere to the principle of "knowing customers", develop financial products according to the needs of the real economy, provide personalized financial services, and achieve accurate investment in financial resources. Further improve the internal incentives and constraints, optimize the performance appraisal system, establish a fault-tolerant and error-correcting mechanism, implement the requirements of due diligence and exemption, and stimulate employees to do a good job in financial services, especially inclusive financial services. Make full use of modern science and technology to build online and offline comprehensive service channels to improve credit examination and approval and financial efficiency.

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