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公告精选 | 京东集团:徐雷接替刘强东担任首席执行官;腾讯、小米继续回购
Announcement selection | Group: Xu Lei succeeds Liu Qiangdong as CEO; Tencent and XIAOMI continue to buy back

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Selection of blockbuster announcements


1、$ Group-SW (09618.HK) $Mr. Xu Lei, President of the Group, has been appointed as the CEO of the company to replace Mr. Liu Qiangdong.

京东集团发布公告称,京东集团总裁徐雷出任京东集团CEO,将负责日常运营管理,向京东集团董事局主席刘强东汇报;刘强东将把更多精力投入到长期战略设计、重大战略决策部署、年轻领军人才培养和乡村振兴事业中。 Group announced that Xu Lei, president of Group, will be responsible for day-to-day operation management and report to Group Chairman Liu Qiangdong as Group CEO. Liu Qiangdong will devote more energy to long-term strategic design, major strategic decision-making and deployment, young leading personnel training and rural revitalization.


2、$Tencent (00700.HK) $: buy back 785000 shares at a cost of more than HK $300 million on April 6



Tencent paid more than HK $300m to buy back 785000 shares at a price of HK $380.6-HK $384.6 per share on April 6, 2022, according to HKEx filings.

Note: this is the eighth day in a row that Tencent has spent HK $300 million on repurchase.


3、$XIAOMI Group-W (01810.HK) $On April 6, about HK $200 million was used to buy back 14.6158 million shares.


XIAOMI Group announced that on April 6, 2022, the company spent HK $199.5 million to buy back 14.6158 million shares at a repurchase price of HK $13.58-HK $13.70 per share.


4、$BeiGene, Ltd. (06160.HK) $Application for listing permit for new indications of Baize an (tirelizumab injection) is accepted


BeiGene, Ltd. announced on the evening of April 6th that the company has recently received notification from the European Drug Administration that applications for new indications for the treatment of advanced or metastatic esophageal squamous cell carcinoma patients who have previously received systemic chemotherapy and non-small cell lung cancer patients with tirelizumab injection have been accepted.


5、$China Vanke (02202.HK) $The contract sales in the first quarter were 106.5 billion yuan, a decrease of about 40.66% over the same period last year.



China Vanke announced that in March 2022, the company realized a contract sales area of 2.369 million square meters, with a contract sales amount of 41.53 billion yuan, a decrease of about 33.9 percent over the same period last year. From January to March in 2022, the company achieved a total contract sales area of 6.327 million square meters, with a contract sales amount of 106.5 billion yuan, a decrease of about 40.66% compared with the same period last year.

In addition, the company plans to buy back A shares at a price of no more than 2 billion yuan per share at a price of 2 billion to 2.5 billion yuan.


6、$Smoore International Holdings Limited (06969.HK) $The profit and comprehensive income in the first quarter totaled 526.6 million yuan, down 55.3% from the same period last year


Smoore International Holdings Limited announced that the total profit and comprehensive income of the group in the first quarter fell by about 55.3% to 526.6 million yuan compared with the same period last year. The decrease in profit and total comprehensive income during the period was mainly due to the fact that more stringent epidemic control measures were adopted in some areas of Shenzhen in the first quarter of 2022, which had a significant impact on the production and operation of some factories of the Group. As a result, the Group's production and shipping plans in the first quarter were negatively affected, resulting in a negative impact on revenue. In addition, according to the R & D plan and budget formulated by the Group at the beginning of the year, the Group's R & D expenditure increased significantly in the first quarter compared with the same period last year.


Important matters


Shisiyao Group (02005): Steamyl alcohol dry suspension has been included in the priority review list of the State Drug Administration.


Goliath Pharmaceutical-B (01672) Announces approval of the second FASN inhibitor ASC60 to start clinical trials in China for the treatment of advanced solid tumors


Signed an HBM7022 external license agreement with Platinum Pharmaceutical-B (02142) and AstraZeneca PLC

信达生物(01801):国家药监局批准达伯坦® 在中国用于既往至少接受过一种系统性治疗  且经检测确认存在有FGFR2融合或重排的晚期、转移性或不可手术切除的胆管癌成人患者的治疗

INNOVENT BIO (01801): the State Drug Administration approved Dabotan ®for the treatment of advanced, metastatic or unresectable cholangiocarcinoma in adults who had received at least one systematic treatment and were confirmed by tests to have FGFR2 fusion or rearrangement.


Minshi Group (00425) plans to set up a joint venture company for water-cooled plate products.


Xiehe New Energy (00182) plans to purchase 950 million yuan of wind power equipment.


Financial report data

万科企业(02202)首季合同销售额1065.0亿元 同比减少约40.66%

China Vanke (02202) first quarter contract sales of 106.5 billion yuan decreased by about 40.66% compared with the same period last year.

思摩尔国际(06969)第一季度经调整纯利约5.53亿元 同比减少54.9%

Smoore International Holdings Limited (06969) adjusted net profit of about 553 million yuan in the first quarter decreased by 54.9% compared with the same period last year.


Xuhui holding Group (00884) has a contract sales of about 12 billion yuan in March.


Greentown China (03900) has total contract sales of 48.2 billion yuan in the first quarter.

合生创展集团(00754)首季总合约销售金额约80.21亿元 同比下降约21.78%

Hopson Development (00754) the total contract sales in the first quarter was about 8.021 billion yuan, down about 21.78% from the same period last year.


Sunac China (01918) realized contract sales of about 22.08 billion yuan in March.

美的置业(03990)首季合同销售金额约199.8亿元 同比减少49%

The contract sales of Midea Home (03990) in the first quarter was about 19.98 billion yuan, down 49% from the same period last year.


The pre-sale amount of Agile Group (03383) in the first quarter is about 21.11 billion yuan.

越秀交通基建(01052):广州北二环高速2月路费收入达6541.6万元 同比增长16.7%

Yuexiu Transportation Infrastructure (01052): the toll income of Guangzhou North second Ring Road reached 65.416 million yuan in February, an increase of 16.7% over the same period last year.

保利置业集团(00119)前3月累计合同销售额约60亿元 同比减少42%

Poly Real Estate Group (00119) accumulated contract sales of about 6 billion yuan in the first three months, down 42% from the same period last year.

秦港股份(03369)一季度吞吐量总计9246万吨 同比下滑3.76%

The total throughput of Qingang (03369) in the first quarter was 92.46 million tons, down 3.76% from the same period last year.

中骏集团控股(01966)3月合同销售额80.1亿元 同比减少26%

Zhongjun Group Holdings (01966) March contract sales of 8.01 billion yuan decreased 26% compared with the same period last year.

协合新能源(00182)一季度权益发电量总计1577.30GWh 同比增长11.15%

Total 1577.30GWh of Concord New Energy (00182) increased 11.15% in the first quarter compared with the same period last year.


Repurchase cancellation


China Vanke (02202) intends to buy back A shares from 2 billion yuan to 2.5 billion yuan.


CANSINOBIO-B (06185): total repurchase of 325000 A shares by the end of March


Tencent (00700) spent HK $300m to buy back 785000 shares on April 6th.


XIAOMI Group-W (01810) repurchased 14.6158 million shares with a capital of about HK $200 million on April 6th


HSBC Holdings PLC (00005) buys back 3.3453 million shares on April 6th


AIA Group Limited (01299) spent about HK $163 million to buy back 1.9644 million shares


China Feihe Limited (06186) HK $4.0538 million buyback 500000 shares on April 6th


Hysan Societe Generale (00014) HK $3.5047 million buyback 150000 shares on April 6


Fuzhikang Group (02038) invested about HK $211.5 to buy back 2 million shares on April 6.


CNPC (00603) HK $1.8666 million buyback 5 million shares on April 6th


Additional placement

上海医药(02607)向控股股东及云南白药非公开发行约8.53亿股 净募资139.32亿元

Shanghai Pharmaceutical (02607) raised 13.932 billion yuan net from the controlling shareholder and Yunnan Baiyao private offering of about 853 million shares.


Yixin Group (02858) issues 4.7215 million shares under the share option and share incentive scheme


Wynn Macau (01128) issues 4.1 million shares under the share Award Scheme


ESR Cayman Limited (01821) has issued about 896500 additional shares due to the exercise of his equity.


Change of equity


Ganfeng Lithium (01772) was pledged 19.8 million company shares by shareholder Li Liangbin


Byd Company Limited (01211): 3.17 million shares of the company held by shareholders are released from pledge


Stock option


China aircraft Leasing (01848) Grants 20.9 million share options


Melco International Development (00200) Grants 933000 New share options


Bond bill


Flat Glass Group (06865): issuance of 4 billion yuan convertible corporate bonds approved


Xuhui holding Group (00884) intends to offer to purchase outstanding notes due in 2022.


China Coal Energy (01898): the first issue of mid-term notes will pay interest on April 13th


China International Capital Corporation (03908): 21 CICC F5 will pay interest on April 13th


China International Capital Corporation (03908): 21 CICC F6 will pay interest on April 13th


Investment and Finance


CNOOC Petrochemical (03983) subscribes for 700 million yuan structured deposit products


Hisense Home Appliances (00921) subscribes for 150 million yuan of financial products


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