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扭亏为盈 GHM INTL HLDGS(08416)年度股东应占溢利388.4万港元
Profit attributable to shareholders of GHM INTL HLDGS (08416) is HK $3.884 million. ·  {{timeTz}}

智通财经APP讯,HM INTL HLDGS(08416)发布截至2021年12月31日止年度业绩,该集团取得收入1.73亿港元,同比增加44.58%;公司拥有人应占溢利388.4万港元,去年同期则亏损452.7万港元;每股收入0.97港仙。

Zhitong Financial App News, HM INTL HLDGS (08416) released results for the year ended December 31, 2021, the group's income was HK $173 million, an increase of 44.58% over the same period last year. The profit attributable to the owners of the company was HK $3.884 million, compared with a loss of HK $4.527 million in the same period last year.

公告称,收益增加乃主要由于财经印刷项目的收益由2020年约1.07亿港元增加约3170万港元或29.5%至2021年约1.39亿港元;市场营销周边产品印刷项目的收益由2020年约930万港元增加约1730万港元或185.7%至2021年约 2660万港元;以及其他项目的收益由2020年约290万港元增加约430万港元或149.1% 至2021年约720万港元所致。

According to the announcement, the increase in revenue is mainly due to an increase in revenue from financial printing projects of about 31.7 million Hong Kong dollars or 29.5 percent to about 139 million Hong Kong dollars in 2021 from about 107 million Hong Kong dollars in 2020; revenue from marketing peripheral products printing projects increased by about 17.3 million Hong Kong dollars or 185.7 percent to about 26.6 million Hong Kong dollars in 2021 from about 9.3 million Hong Kong dollars in 2020 And income from other projects increased by about 4.3 million Hong Kong dollars from about 2.9 million Hong Kong dollars in 2020 or 149.1 percent to about 7.2 million Hong Kong dollars in 2021.

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