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Analyst: Apple Inc may adjust iPhone privacy policy to enter the advertising market

新浪科技 ·  {{timeTz}}

新浪科技讯 北京时间10月2日上午消息,据报道,一位加拿大皇家银行资本市场分析师认为,苹果最近对iPhone的隐私政策调整表明该公司可能会进军Facebook谷歌主导的互联网广告市场。

Sina Science and Technology News on the morning of October 2, Beijing time, it is reported that aRoyal Bank of CanadaCapital market analysts believeAppleRecent changes to iPhone's privacy policy suggest that the company may enterFacebook IncAlphabet Inc-CL CThe dominant Internet advertising market.


Since the software upgrade was carried out in April this year, most iPhone have allowed users to decide which applications can track user activities, and this information is precisely to help Facebook IncAnd other enterprises release accurate advertising and measure the key data of advertising effectiveness.


The feature, called Application tracking Transparency (ATT), has raised concerns among many digital advertising and mobile gaming companies. For example, Facebook Inc believes that this will increase the cost and difficulty for brands to place advertisements on their platforms.

“我们认为(隐私变化)表明苹果可能希望参与全球广告市场竞争。”加拿大皇家银行资本市场分析师布拉德·埃里克森(Brad Erickson)在周四晚些时候发布的研报中说。他同时给予Facebook、亚马逊谷歌母公司Alphabet“跑赢大盘”的股票评级。

"We think (privacy change) shows that Apple IncMay want to compete in the global advertising market. " Royal Bank of CanadaBrad Eriksson, a capital markets analyst, said in a research paper released late Thursday. He also gave Facebook Inc,AmazonAnd Alphabet Inc-CL CThe parent company, Alphabet, has an "outperform" stock rating.


According to Refinitiv, Eriksson's performance forecasts and investment advice for Internet companies are four stars accurate.


Apple Inc can use data privacy as a cover and invest in search algorithms behind the scenes. " He thinks Apple Inc may earn advertising revenue through a search engine similar to Alphabet Inc-CL C.

如果广告主“别无选择,只能在缺乏苹果数据的情况下盲目投放”,那么谷歌旗下的YouTube和亚马逊旗下的Connected TV将成为新的选择,从中获益。

If advertisers "have no choice but to put it blindly in the absence of Apple Inc's data," then Alphabet Inc-CL C's YouTube and Amazon.Com IncIts Connected TV will be a new choice and benefit from it.

Evercore ISI分析师也在8月指出,苹果可能在觊觎广告市场,他说:“打压第三方广告”可能让其在广告市场成功地迈出第一步。但他们也指出,ATT主要是为保护用户隐私,而非商业化手段。

Evercore ISI analysts also pointed out in August that Apple Inc may be coveting the advertising market, saying that "cracking down on third-party advertising" could make it a successful first step in the advertising market. But they also point out that ATT is mainly about protecting users' privacy, not commercialization.


Apple Inc, Facebook Inc and Alphabet did not comment.

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