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Us billionaire warns not to decarbonize too fast: European energy crisis is a warning

新浪美股 ·  {{timeTz}}

美国传奇对冲基金经理、Centaurus能源对冲基金创始人约翰·阿诺德(John Arnold)最近警告称,如果美国过快地放弃化石燃料,可能很快就会遭遇目前在欧洲引发混乱的那种能源价格大幅飙升。

John Arnold, the legendary US hedge fund manager and founder of the Centaurus energy hedge fund, recently warned that if the US abandons fossil fuels too quickly, it could soon suffer a surge in energy prices of the kind that is causing chaos in Europe.


"the efforts of some people to stifle the oil and gas industry will lead to a surge in energy prices and may lose voter support for the energy transformation," Arnold said in a post on social media over the weekend. "


"the energy crisis in Europe is a wake-up call, and the United States must ensure a smooth transition to decarbonization," he wrote. "


In recent months, as governments relax restrictions on the epidemic, energy demand has rebounded rapidly and natural gas prices in Europe have soared. The long winter and strong demand from Asia have also exhausted supply.


Another key factor driving up energy prices is the slowdown in renewable energy production, which has been reduced by a lack of wind power in the North Sea.


Mr. Arnold said the European experience taught the United States that a rapid shift from oil and gas could have a damaging impact at a time when renewable energy infrastructure may not be able to make up for the shortfall.


"while some people advocate destroying the fossil fuel industry as soon as possible, the reality is that in any decarbonization plan, oil and gas consumption will remain high for this decade," he said. Clean energy is growing rapidly, but with a low base. "


"very high oil / gas prices could trigger strong voter opposition to decarbonization policies, which are essential for a cleaner future."

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