早盘:道指小幅下滑 纳指升至历史高位

Morning trading: the Dow fell slightly and the Nasdaq rose to an all-time high

新浪財經 ·  Sep 1, 2021 22:14

On the evening of the 1st Beijing time, US stocks were mixed in early trading on Wednesday, with the Dow falling slightly and the Nasdaq rising to an all-time high. Investors are assessing the outlook for Fed policy and waiting for important economic data this week. The 374000 increase in ADP employment in the United States in August was less than expected, indicating a significant slowdown in the labor market recovery.

The Dow fell 63.50 points, or 0.18%, to 35297.23; the Nasdaq rose 84.96 points, or 0.56%, to 15344.19; and the S & P 500 rose 5.08 points, or 0.11%, to 4527.76.

On Wednesday morning, the Nasdaq rose to an all-time high of 15354.82.

U. S. WTI crude oil futures remained around $68.50 a barrel. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting countries (OPEC) and its ally OPEC+, which will hold a production quota meeting on Wednesday, are expected to increase its member countries' crude oil production by 400000 barrels a day by December to meet growing energy demand.

Although the Delta mutant continued to accelerate the spread of the virus, U. S. stocks still recorded gains in August. The s & p 500 rose nearly 3% in august, its seventh straight month of gains. Technology stocks took the lead, pushing the Nasdaq up 4 per cent in August. Under the epidemic situation, the re-introduction of travel restrictions and epidemic prevention measures have made science and technology stocks and high-growth stocks favored by investors again.

Driven by the summer rally, investors are generally optimistic that the market will continue to rise, although some analysts warn that the market may become more volatile as the autumn approaches, and the Fed's cutback in bond purchases may be a factor.

Today is the first trading day in September. September is usually the worst-performing month of the year and is historically a more challenging month, according to LPL Financial statistics. While the S & P 500 has had seven consecutive months of momentum and momentum, given that the index has not seen a correction of more than 5 per cent since October, this atypical long run of gains without a moderate correction will be more difficult to continue, the agency said.

Michelle Connell, owner of Portia Capital Management, said: "I don't know if September should be a wait-and-see month, but I do expect significant volatility in the stock market. I estimate that the upside of the US stock market may be limited between now and the end of the year, so I think it is necessary to sit down and look at what you have, re-evaluate and look at the potential downside. "

Others remain cautiously optimistic about the way forward for the US stock market.

Cliff Corso, president and chief investment officer of Advisors Asset Management, said: "We do believe that the sustained economic recovery and the reopening of trade will continue. We are looking at more value-oriented assets, especially those with dividends and income components, as this tends to dampen price volatility. "

Investors are keeping a close eye on a number of economic data this week, including the non-farm payrolls report. On the economic data side on Wednesday, ADP employment in the United States increased by 374000 in August, with an expected increase of 638000 and a previous increase of 330000.

Construction employment rose by 30, 000 in August and by 1000 in July, according to the ADP report. Manufacturing employment increased by 6000 in August and 8000 in July. Trade / transport / utility employment increased by 18000 in August and by 36000 in July. Employment in the financial services sector increased by 13000 in August and by 9000 in July. Employment in professional / business services increased by 19000 in August and by 54000 in July.

Nella Richardson, chief economist of ADP, said: "the ADP employment data highlight the slowdown in the labour market recovery. After a sharp increase in employment in the first half of this year, we have seen a decline in new hiring. Despite the slowdown in employment growth, employment growth this year is close to 4 million, but it is still 7 million lower than the level before the COVID-19 epidemic. Service providers continue to lead growth, although the spread of Delta variants has brought uncertainty to the industry. Employment growth in all companies is growing at the same time, and the growth rate of small businesses is slightly slower than usual. "

The agency commented on US ADP payrolls in August, saying that the number of new jobs added by US companies in August was lower than expected, reflecting continuing recruitment challenges and hinting at a slowdown in the job market recovery. The lower-than-expected growth in hiring suggests that companies are still trying to attract candidates and fill record vacancies. At the same time, the Delta strain could pose additional resistance to hiring as consumers spend much less on services such as eating out.

Focus stocks

DisneyThe latest move to integrate streaming media was announced on Tuesday, when the company will move Hotstar content to ESPN+ and Hulu platforms. Hotstar has original programs such as the Indian Cricket Super League (IPL) and "Aarya", and the platform's sports content will be transferred to ESPN+, movies and TV shows to Hulu.

Alphabet Inc-CL CIt is developing its own central processing unit (CPU) for its laptops and tablets, which are expected to be launched around 2023 and run on Alphabet Inc-CL C's own Chrome operating system. According to people familiar with the matter, this is because Alphabet Inc-CL C was attacked by Apple Inc.The inspiration of success. The new CPU and mobile processors that Alphabet Inc-CL C is developing adopt the ARM architecture, which is used in more than 90% of the world's mobile devices.

According to another report, Alphabet Inc-CL C said he would appeal against the 500m fine imposed on him by France. Earlier, the French Consumer and Competition Administration fined Alphabet Inc-CL C 500m euros for a news copyright dispute. The French Consumer and Competition Authority said at the time that Alphabet Inc-CL C should pay for the content of news organizations, but it failed to negotiate amicably with French news organizations on copyright issues.

On the evening of September 1st, iQIYI, Inc.micro-blogAccording to the announcement, users' suggestions for advanced VOD options for single-episode VOD have been paid attention to, and the relevant features are already under development and are expected to be available by the 15th of this month.

NIO Inc.Auto data showed that 5880 cars were delivered in August, up 48.3% from a year earlier. NIO Inc. said that due to supply chain constraints, the delivery outlook for the third quarter of 2021 was adjusted to 22500-23500 vehicles, compared with 23000-25000 vehicles previously. As of August 31, 2021, the cumulative delivery volume of NIO Inc. 's ES8, ES6 and EC6 has reached 131408.

IdealThe car disclosed on September 1st that the company delivered 9433 ideal ONE in August 2021, an increase of 248.0% year-on-year and 9.8% month-on-month, setting a new monthly delivery record for the company. In the first eight months of 2021, the total delivery of ideal ONE has reached 48176, while the cumulative delivery of ideal ONE has reached 81773.

XPeng Inc. released data showing that a total of 7214 units were delivered in August, with more than 7,000 units delivered for two consecutive months. XPeng Inc. delivered 6165 units in August, setting an all-time high for four months in a row. A total of 45992 units were delivered from January to August this year, a year-on-year increase of 33.4%. XPeng Inc. said that the production switch from G3 to G3i was completed in August, and from next month, the modified G3i is about to enter the stage of large-scale delivery. XPeng Inc. P5 will be officially listed and announced the specific price on September 15, and will be officially delivered to the outside world from October.

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