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A number of investment banks raised Microsoft Corp's target price for the 20 stocks with the largest turnover in the United States on Aug. 20.

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In the early morning of the 21st, Beijing time, US stocks closed higher on Friday, led by technology stocks. But major stock indexes fell this week on concerns about the Fed's imminent withdrawal of stimulus measures. Crude oil futures prices fell for the seventh day in a row.

The Dow rose 225.96 points, or 0.65%, to 35120.08; the Nasdaq rose 172.87 points, or 1.19%, to 14714.66; and the S & P 500 rose 35.87 points, or 0.81%, to 4441.67.

All three major indexes of u.s. stocks fell this week: the Dow is down 1.11% in a week, the Nasdaq is down 0.73%, and the s & p 500 is down 0.59%.

Technology stocks rose on Friday, providing support for the market. Microsoft Corp、 Cisco SystemsAnd Sai FushiIt's all Dow Jones.The biggest winner in the index. Investors snapped up technology stocks for fear of a slowing economic recovery.

Today, Yingweida, the champion of US stock turnover, closed up 5.1%, with a turnover of US $13.64 billion. NVIDIA Corp data center business revenue continues to hit new highs and has maintained growth for nine consecutive quarters.

In addition, the British Fair Competition and Market Administration said on Friday that an in-depth second-stage investigation into NVIDIA Corp's acquisition of ARM should be conducted on the grounds of competition; it was found that NVIDIA Corp's acquisition of ARM had a competitive hidden danger, and if the transaction continued, it was worried that the merged enterprise would have the ability and motivation to damage the competitiveness of NVIDIA Corp's competitors.

In second place, Microsoft Corp closed 2.6% higher at US $304.36, setting another all-time high closing price with a turnover of US $12.35 billion. Microsoft Corp announced an increase in the pricing of Microsoft 365Business Edition and announced that it would expand its audio conferencing function in the coming months. After the news conference, UBSA number of investment banks and other investment banks raised the target price of the stock to $350.

The third place in turnover is Baba.The stock closed down 1.6%, and the share price hit a two-year low of $11.43 billion. Brokerage Erste Group downgraded Alibaba Group Holding Ltd to sell from hold on Friday.

Tesla, Inc., No. 5It closed 1% higher, and the deal was $10.02 billion. Tesla, Inc. held AI Day on Thursday night local time and released a customized chip for fast training artificial intelligence models for data centers. In addition, Tesla, Inc. launched a design scheme for a humanoid robot for the first time and said he would launch a prototype next year.

Musk said Tesla, Inc. launched a humanoid robot called Tesla Bot, which aims to replace humans in "dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks".

Moderna Inc, No. 8, received a 2% increase in revenue, with a turnover of US $4.9 billion. According to media estimates, vaccine maker Pfizer Inc has boosted demand due to increased injection strategies and concerns about Delta mutant strains.And Moderna Inc's sales are expected to be billions of dollars higher than previously expected. In addition, the two companies have also raised vaccine prices worldwide.

In 10th place, Snowflake Inc closed down 4.6%, with a turnover of US $3.4 billion. Market research firm Cleveland Research pointed out that Snowflake Inc's growth after the first quarter showed signs of slowing.

The 16th AMC cinema chain closed 1.7% higher at $34.41, with a turnover of $1.85 billion. Citigroup raised its target price for AMC theaters to $5 from $3.70 on Thursday.

No. 20 NIO Inc.The car closed 1.7% higher, with a turnover of $1.61 billion. NIO Inc. auto shares are down 10 per cent this week.

The following are the 20 most actively traded stocks of the day (by turnover): (screenshot from Sina Finance APP quotes-US stocks-more data on the left side of the market sector)Download Sina Finance APP

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