Baidu Announces Self-Developed Second Generation Baidu Kunlun AI Chip - Kunlun Core 2 Achieves Mass Production

新浪財經 ·  08/18/2021 12:55

BaiduAnnounced that the second-generation Baidu, Inc. Kunlun AI chip independently developed has achieved mass production. Kunlun Core 2 uses 7nm process and self-developed second-generation XPU architecture, and its performance is 2-3 times higher than that of the first generation. Kunlun Core 2 is suitable for cloud, end, edge and other scenarios, and will play an important role in many scenarios such as autopilot, intelligent transportation and intelligent assistant in the future. It is worth mentioning that the Kunlun core AI chip, in addition to having a self-developed XPU architecture and a number of independent designs, has also completed an end-to-end adaptation with Feiteng and other domestic general processors, Kirin and other domestic operating systems, as well as Baidu, Inc. 's self-developed paddle deep learning framework, with software and hardware integrated full-stack domestic AI capabilities.

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