伯克希尔二季度清仓渤健减持通用汽车 苹果仍为头号重仓股

Berkshire cleared its stock in the second quarter and Bo Jian reduced his stake in General Motors Co and Apple Inc is still the number one heavy stock.

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According to Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway's 13F position report submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Monday, the company cleared its positions in pharmaceutical company Biogen, Estelle paint Systems (Axalta Coating Systems) and telecom company Liberty Global An in the second quarter, reducing its stake in General Motors Co.、 Chevron CorpEtc., increase the holdings of supermarket chain Kroger and other stocks; maintain Apple IncThe company's position remains unchanged and remains the number one heavy stock.

According to the 13F report, Berkshire's total market capitalization in the second quarter was about $293.023 billion, with the top ten positions accounting for 87.51 per cent. The company left Apple Inc's position unchanged in the second quarter, with a total market capitalization of $121 billion, accounting for 41.45 per cent of the position.

As of June 30, 2021, Berkshire reduced its holdings of General Motors Co (from 67 million shares to 60 million shares) and Bristol-Myers Bristol-Myers Squibb Co, Aberdeen, Liberty Global C, Chevron Corp and other eight stocks, increased their holdings in Kroger (from 51.1 million to 61.8 million shares), household goods retailer RH and Aon Insurance.Three stocks.

About 70% of Berkshire's stock portfolio is concentrated in four companies-Apple Inc and Coca-Cola Company, American Express Co and Bank of America Corporation. The company's heavy stocks include Apple Inc, Bank of America Corporation (holding 1.01 billion shares with a market capitalization of US $41.6 billion), American Express Co (maintaining 151.6 million shares), Coca-Cola Company (maintaining 400 million shares) and Kraft Heinz (maintaining 325.6 million shares).

Berkshire's top 10 stocks remained relatively unchanged last quarter:

In terms of stock portfolio adjustment, Berkshire was relatively calm in the second quarter. The company did not build any new company shares in the quarter to the end of June.

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