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“大空头”Michael Burry做空Cathie Wood的ARKK
"Big short" Michael Burry shorted Cathie Wood's ARKK.

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因电影《大空头》而闻名的Michael Burry已经瞄准了华尔街最当红的明星之一。

Michael Burry, famous for the movie "Big bears", has targeted one of Wall Street's most popular stars.

根据周一的监管申报文件,截至第二季度末,Burry的Scion Asset Management持有235,500股ARK Innovation ETF(代码ARKK)的认沽期权。文件显示,这些头寸价值大约3100万美元。

Burry's Scion Asset Management held 235500 put options on ARK Innovation ETF (symbol ARKK) as of the end of the second quarter, according to Monday's regulatory filing. The positions are worth about $31 million, according to the documents.

在2020年重仓科技股策略大获全胜之后,Cathie Wood和她公司Ark Investment Management旗下的这只旗舰ETF过去一年吸引了大量资金涌入。但在今年,由于对高估值和通胀加速的担忧,Wood和Ark难以维持这种势头。

The flagship ETF owned by Cathie Wood and her company Ark Investment Management has attracted a lot of money over the past year after the sweeping victory of the Zhongkang technology stock strategy in 2020. But this year, Wood and Ark have struggled to maintain that momentum because of concerns about high valuations and accelerating inflation.


Burry has been warning of unsustainable valuations for months. He warned in June that retail investors investing in cryptocurrencies and online celebrity stocks could be dragged into an irrevocable crash.


Burry has already shorted Tesla, Inc. substantially.To indirectly short Wood-- Tesla, Inc. is one of the preferred stocks of Ark, and it is also the largest position of ARKK.


Burry increased its put bet on Tesla, Inc., holding put options on 1075500 Tesla, Inc. shares, up from 800100 in the first quarter, according to Monday's filing.


As of 12:25 New York time, ARKK was down 2.6 per cent as technology stocks fell. Tesla, Inc. 's shares tumbled 4.7% as the United States launched a formal investigation into its Autopilot system.

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