“Online Game Classification” and “Basic Requirements for Game Distribution and Promotion” Group Standards Submission Draft Review Meeting Held in Beijing

Breakings ·  09/22/2023 18:05
On September 21, the China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association organized a review meeting for the two group standards “Classification of Online Games” and “Basic Requirements for Game Distribution and Promotion” in Beijing. The “Classification of Online Games” will clarify the classification principles and classification of games, facilitate relevant departments and personnel to classify games, and conduct multi-dimensional analysis and research on game products. At the same time, developers and practitioners are guided to develop targeted products to avoid waste of resources; the “Basic Requirements for Game Distribution and Promotion” sorts out the relevant qualifications and key operation procedures of all participants involved in the game distribution and promotion process, and puts forward basic regulatory requirements in line with the development of the game industry on the basis of referring to the country's existing relevant standards, laws, regulations, and policy requirements, taking into account the current state of game industry development. The expert group believes that the formulation of the two standards met the expected requirements, and that the subsequent drafting team needs to make revisions based on discussions and suggestions for improvement at the meeting to further improve the content of the standards. The conference believes that the above two standards can help the industry establish a clear game classification system, clarify the regulatory requirements for game distribution and promotion, and promote the healthy development of the game industry while improving the quality of the industry's products.

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