Economic Daily: Enhancing the Economic Value of Platforms

Breakings ·  03/29 07:07
The Economic Daily article points out that the platform economy is an important form of the digital economy and has always played an important role in steady growth, stable employment, and promotion of consumption. This year's “Report on the Work of the Government” proposes to vigorously develop the digital economy, raise the level of normalized supervision, and support the development of the platform economy. This means that with the completion of the special rectification, the role of the platform economy in promoting high-quality economic and social development will be further played. The next step is to give full play to the role of the platform economy, focus on promoting deep participation of data elements in the economic cycle through continuous technological progress and model innovation, stimulating the productivity of data elements, and promoting the formation of a higher level of dynamic balance where demand drives supply and supply creates demand. Whether this is currently driving a recovery in demand, absorbing employment, boosting market confidence, or unblocking all aspects of social regeneration in the medium to long term.

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