Jincheng City in Shanxi Province initiated an orange warning for heavily polluted weather (Level II), limiting production to 30% for coal-producing chemical enterprises

Breakings ·  03/21 09:21
In order to effectively reduce the level of air pollution and ensure the physical and mental health of the public, after receiving reports for approval from the Municipal Heavy Polluted Weather Emergency Headquarters, it was decided to launch an orange warning (Level II) for heavily polluted weather at 12:00 on March 20, 2023, and the measures to deal with adverse weather conditions initiated on March 18 will be cancelled simultaneously. Among them, the coal chemical industry — coal chemical companies that produce coal is limited to 30%; traditional coal chemicals are measured by refrigeration from gasifiers; and new coal chemicals are measured by total gasification oxygen (normal production by Shanxi Lanhua Coal Chemical Co., Ltd.). (Published by Jincheng Environmental Protection)

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