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New inactivated crown vaccine approved for children aged 6 months and above for the first time


8月4日,经香港特别行政区医务卫生局批准,6个月至3岁幼儿可以开始接种中国科兴新冠疫苗克尔来福。家长或监护人8月4日上午9时起可通过网上预约系统,为幼童预约接种科兴疫苗。政府相关部门负责人表示:第五波疫情中出现儿童死亡和重症案例。近日一名幼童染疫后死亡提醒每位家长关注新冠病毒对儿童健康带来的风险,并通过接种疫苗降低感染后所带来重症、死亡或严重后遗症的风险。 (科技日报)

On August 4, with the approval of the Medical and Health Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative region, children aged from 6 months to 3 years old can be vaccinated against Kelaifu, a vaccine of Sinopec New Crown Disease. Parents or guardians can make an appointment for young children to receive Hexing vaccination through the online booking system from 9: 00 a.m. on August 4. The head of relevant government departments said: there were child deaths and critical cases in the fifth wave of the epidemic. Recently, the death of a young child after contracting the epidemic reminded every parent to pay attention to the risk that novel coronavirus brings to the child's health and to reduce the risk of severe illness, death or serious sequelae caused by infection through vaccination. (science and Technology Daily)

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